Scalp Cooling: Preserve your confidence during chemotherapy

We understand that undergoing cancer treatment is a very challenging journey, not just physically but emotionally too. That’s why we’re proud to offer our scalp cooling services as part of our comprehensive specialist cancer care, aimed at minimising chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Scalp cooling helps you maintain your sense of self and confidence during treatment.


Scalp cooling is a simple yet effective treatment designed to reduce hair loss caused by certain chemotherapy drugs. The process involves cooling the scalp before, during, and after the administration of chemotherapy. This cooling effect is intended to reduce the blood flow to the scalp, thereby limiting the amount of chemotherapy medication that reaches the hair follicles.


By potentially preserving hair, scalp cooling can have a positive impact on a patient’s self-esteem and mental health during cancer treatment. It works with various chemotherapy regimens, offering a broad range of patients the opportunity to benefit from this service.


Our Scalp Cooling Service is integrated into our patient care model. We provide personalised care planning, working closely with patients and their healthcare providers to determine the suitability of scalp cooling based on their specific chemotherapy regimen and overall treatment plan. From the initial consultation through each chemotherapy session, our specialists are there to ensure the scalp cooling process is as comfortable and effective as possible. We closely monitor patient comfort and the effectiveness of the scalp cooling, throughout the treatment process, making adjustments as necessary to optimise outcomes.


For patients interested in exploring the possibility of scalp cooling during their chemotherapy treatment, consult your healthcare team to discuss with your clinician or private healthcare provider about the suitability of scalp cooling for your specific situation.


Alternatively, you can contact us and ask about how we might be able to help you.

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