Dispense and delivery services

We deliver an efficient, reliable medication dispensing and delivery services tailored to patient’s needs.

We know that a more convenient and accessible treatment option, has a positive impact on a patient’s health, recovery and ability to get on with life.

The broadest range of therapy areas in the UK

Our network is set up to deliver on time, when and where a patient needs it.

Our temperature-controlled vehicles are specially designed, with ambient and refrigerated chambers to keep medications at their required temperature throughout their travel time.

44,000 Our network of drivers deliver 44,000 UK medication deliveries every month
1.6m We save our patients an average of 1.6million miles per month on average
98% of our deliveries arrive within 2 hours of their assigned window
98% of newly registered patients receive their medication within 5 days

Our dispense and delivery services

Every day our specialist clinical teams deliver a wide range of clinical therapies, for patients and their families.