Home parenteral nutrition

We are a market leader in the provision of home parenteral nutrition (HPN) for adults and children.

We support over 1,000 patients, with training for them and their carers, or providing daily nursing visits to administer nutrition and associated treatments.

We know how to provide home parenteral nutrition safely at home

HPN is a specialised medical therapy that provides life-sustaining nutrition and hydration directly into the bloodstream. 

It is essential for patients with acute or chronic intestinal failure who cannot meet their nutritional needs through oral or enteral (tube) feeding. 

Our skilled team ensures patients are trained to safely administer treatment.


When is home parenteral nutrition needed?

We know patients want independence and control. 

We understand that your time is precious and that hospital visits add unnecessary stress to your life. 

Bringing clinical treatment to your home means patients can continue their daily activities, remain active, and enjoy life while receiving HPN.

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