An NHS partner for nearly 50 years

We know that patients want to spend their precious time enjoying what’s important to them.

And we know how to save you money with clinical care closer to home.

24hr On call service means our patients can contact us day and night
29 29 hospital admissions were prevented in the last 5 months due to our clinical teams
98% 98% of NHS patients get their treatment delivered on time
98% 98% of deliveries arrive within 2 hours of their assigned window

Easing the strain on NHS resources

Clinical care at home and in the community can help ease the strain on valuable NHS resources, with excellent clinical compliance leading to improved clinical outcomes.

We know that healthcare needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of society. Working with our partners in the NHS, we know we can help pioneer breakthroughs in clinical care.

NHS Care

We know how precious time is for you and your patients

We assist patients and their families in enhancing their daily living by offering essential medications and specialised therapies within the comfort of their homes or local communities.

By giving patients greater choice and flexibility in their treatment, our knowledge and understanding supports the NHS to deliver clinical treatments, out of hospital and closer to a patient’s home.

We know NHS hospital admissions are costly. And we know how to save you money with clinical care closer to home.


We know how to adapt our treatments to combat supply shortages

You may have heard about the upcoming supply issues of Orencia pre-filled pen devices for treatment of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Despite this issue, our team are able to offer Orencia treatment through IV infusion to minimise disruption to patients and avoid operational burden to NHS trusts and health boards.

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Orencia pen shortage

Pioneering clinical care at home for nearly 50 years

We continue to make important clinical breakthroughs with our NHS partners. We are one of the most experienced UK providers of clinical care at home, we’ve been supporting patients for nearly 50 years.

Our nurse led treatments

Every day our specialist clinical teams deliver a wide range of clinical therapies, for patients and their families.

Our support services

Our comprehensive range of clinical services are delivered by highly skilled nurses to include:

Aseptic compounding

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable team, work to the highest regulatory standards. We deliver aseptically prepared cytotoxic medicines, monoclonal antibodies, systemic anti-cancer treatment and IV antibiotics.



Clinical care in the heart of your community

Our community-based healthcare centres give patients the option to have their treatment in a more convenient location, at a time to suit their daily schedule.

Our healthcare centres

specialist clinical care

More independence and control to live life

How we help other areas

Every day we work with patients, NHS partners and health professionals to further our knowledge and understanding of a range of specialist clinical therapies.

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Our people love what they do and are proud to support the NHS and other partners. If you are a passionate, purpose driven and ready make a difference, consider a career with us.

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