Aseptic compounding

We’ve been providing aseptic compounding services to UK hospitals for over 20 years.

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable team, work to the highest regulatory standards. We deliver aseptically prepared cytotoxic medicines, monoclonal antibodies, systemic anti-cancer treatment and IV antibiotics.

Specialised services, unrivalled expertise.

We deliver specialised compounded medications to meet the specific needs of healthcare institutions and their patients.

Optimised delivery and ordering for hospitals

We understand the importance of medication integrity and timely delivery in patient care.

Dual Temperature-Controlled Deliveries
Our logistics are designed with hospitals in mind, featuring vehicles that maintain both cold chain and ambient quality requirements from our facility directly to your hospital.

Efficient Ordering Process
Our streamlined ordering allows for precise pre-agreement on products, volumes, doses, and presentations, ensuring efficient and reliable supply of compounded medications.


How we help other areas

Every day we work with patients, NHS partners and health professionals to further our knowledge and understanding of a range of specialist clinical therapies.