Introducing our Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Team

As part of our patient-centric approach we will drive a better patient experience, support better access to care and improve a patient’s overall quality of life whilst on cancer treatment.

The goal of our CNS teams is to support the clinical, emotional and psychological well-being of patients and families with life limiting diseases and improve patient outcomes.

*Patients should contact their clinician for more information

Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists will provide closer contact with patients exploring the holistic requirements of the patient beyond treatment.

There are several patient benefits to our CNS service:

1 point of contact

Identification of barriers to effective treatment

Patient empowerment and choice

Early sign posting

More efficient consultations

Improved HCP collaboration

Availability of more experienced nurses

Clinical Nurse Specialists work closely with the patient’s Home Cancer Nurse, the Hospital Consultant and other healthcare professionals to help maximise independence and quality of life, before, during and after a patient's cancer treatment.

Improving patient quality of life

Development of implementation of a quality of life profile

Holistic Needs Assessments

Sign posting to additional support mechanisms

Greater 1:1 Access to Specialist Nurses

One point of contact for holistic care

Face to face assessments and consultations

Virtual Assessments and consultations

Patient completes independent service reviews for continuous improvement

Reducing Hospital Admissions

Collaborative communication between consultant/CNS and Hospital teams

Faster identification of additional individual support needs

Individualised personalised care packages

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a patient

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