Pioneering specialist clinical therapies. It’s what we know

For nearly 50 years we’ve been delivering specialist clinical treatment to patients, in their homes and communities. We care for more than 90,000 patients, delivering medication and specialist nursing for complex conditions.

Our knowledge and understanding is accelerating clinical breakthroughs everyday.

Specialist clinical therapies

Every day we’re helping more patients live their life more independently at home. Our range of clinical services and therapies offer a more convenient and accessible treatment option.

We help patients and their families lead more normal lives by providing them with the medications and specialised clinical therapies outside of hospital.

Making pioneering breakthroughs for a healthier future

We work with patients, NHS partners and health professionals to further our knowledge and understanding of a range of specialist clinical therapies.

Our clinical insights accelerate scientific breakthroughs for the patients we care for and the partners we collaborate with.

We know healthcare needs to change. And we know how.

24hr Our 24hr on call service means our patients can contact us day and night
99% 99% of our doses or treatments are delivered on time
98% 98% of our deliveries arrive within 2 hours of their assigned window
29 29 hospital admissions were prevented over the last 5 months due to our clinical teams

We know good compliance improves clinical outcomes

Our services are delivered, using only our own in-house team of experts and closely monitored processes. This means we’re able to control and assure safety and quality at every stage.

We work to the highest standards and are regulated and monitored by Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, British Oncology Pharmacy Association, and Care Quality Commission amongst others.


Specialist care calls for specialist skills

We work collaboratively with a diverse network of healthcare professionals across the NHS and the private sector to ensure seamless and integrated care. Our team includes:

We know how to provide clinical services out of hospital

We’re bringing the latest in specialist clinical treatment into homes and communities.

Award-winning clinical care

For nearly 50 years we’ve been leading the provision of clinical services in homes and communities.

We know our clinical insights are transforming clinical care