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1 year since lockdown

One year since lockdown: How community-based healthcare services are expanding care capacity and helping prevent delays in cancer treatment  LloydsPharmacy’s healthcare centre leadership team discuss how they are helping support NHS trusts amid the pandemic. 15 February 2021: Recent studies have shown that more than 650,000 people with cancer in the UK (22%) have experienced disruption to their cancer treatment or care because of Covid-19. For


LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare Reaches 100,000 patient milestone

LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare (LPCH) now cares for 100,000 patients across the UK – a milestone in supporting patients to undergo treatment in their own homes or communities.   Forging more partnerships between clinical homecare and the NHS offers greater resilience for local hospitals, enabling them to spend time delivering urgent care, while maintaining the very highest standards of care for patients.  LPCH continues to invest in new partnerships and innovation to deliver exceptional patient


How LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centres are supporting local communities with quality patient care

For most, visiting a hospital to receive treatments was the norm, however with changes in patient behaviours amid the pandemic and significant challenges facing the UK health sector, community-based healthcare is more important than ever, stepping in to provide quality patient care when it is needed most. LloydsPharmacy’s Healthcare Centres are providing an alternative to hospital-based treatments and widening


Cancer treatments: How LloydsPharmacy is working with trusts to prevent delays during the pandemic

As healthcare providers in the UK urgently look for ways to safely manage the backlog of patients caused by the pandemic, LloydsPharmacy healthcare centres have been more vital than ever, supporting patients by expanding the capacity to care and relieving pressure on NHS trusts by preventing delays in cancer treatments.    The importance of preventing delays can be shown by recent


LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centres become one of the first community-based settings to support the NHS roll out of Phesgo.

The new injectable breast cancer treatment reduces patient appointment times by 93% from two-and-a-half hours to just 20 minutes. May 2021: LloydsPharmacy Healthcare Centres have announced a new NHS partnership offering breast cancer patient’s a new formulation of treatment that is administered by injection. The innovative new treatment takes just 20 minutes to administer replacing the previous two to five-hour treatment time, cutting down patient appointment time by 93.4%.   The new treatment, Phesgo, takes less than half an hour to administer and will be available to patients at three LloydsPharmacy Health Centres across the UK. The time-saving treatment will be offered or